What's in my Attic - Do I need an Attic Inspection?

No-Charge Attic Inspections

Top Trade Insulation and Attic (TTIA) offers no-charge attic inspections throughout Vancouver Island! But why should you take advantage of this no-charge service?

  • When was the last time you were up inside your own attic? Most people have rarely, if ever, been in the attic. We’ll do it for you!
  • Do you know what you should be looking for to ensure the health of your attic? Most people look to see if it is dry, but that isn’t enough – we are experts in knowing what to look for!
  • Attic inspections require a certain level of safety:
    • Climbing a ladder
    • Perhaps pulling yourself up and in
    • Being careful where you step
    • Not hitting your head on nails
    • Lighting your way
    • Is your insulation safe to touch or be around?
    • Are you inhaling unsafe dust?
    • Do you have rodents in the attic? Being startled in the attic can become very unsafe!
  • It is a no-charge service! How many things in life are free – connect with us to schedule your no-charge attic inspection!

What to expect from the TTIA no-charge attic inspection?

  1. We will look at your attic insulation level and whether it can or should be improved. It is so important to have a properly and sufficiently insulated attic. A well insulated attic keeps the heat inside your home where it belongs and saves you money while supporting the health of the environment. Imagine how hard your refrigerator would have to work to keep food cold if you didn’t ever close the fridge door – your attic insulation performs the same function, keeping heat inside your home and not letting it escape. this results in considerable heating dollars saved – not wasted.
  2. We look for signs of rodents, critters, vermin or beasts – nobody wants them in their home.
  3. We look at attic ventilation. Attic ventilation is very important to the health of your attic and improperly vented attics can lead to moisture and therefore mold – which is bad!
  4. We look at the existing ventilation from bathrooms, clothes dryers, kitchen fans and other ducting to ensure they are properly sealed or insulated. Many times these ducts are taped at seams and the tape has deteriorated and the ducts are leaking moisture to the attic. Moisture is bad!
  5. We look for mold staining in the attic. Sometimes it is very obvious and other times the problem is just beginning but mold stains are a sign that the something in your attic is out of balance and should be resolved. Proper insulation and ventilation is key to attic health.
  6. We look for leaks from the roof in to the attic – we’ve actually been in attics where we could clearly see through a large hole in the roof to the sky above!
  7. We look at your attic hatches to ensure they are well designed, sealed and insulated
  8. We look for handyman work that may not have been completed properly – we have seen so many things that could have easily been done properly by a trained professional. bad installations of any type lead to problems and in your attic these problems are hiding because you rarely if ever are upon your attic. A no-charge inspection by TTIA gives you peace-of-mind!
  9. We’ve seen structural problems that could have lead to much bigger problems.
  10. We take photos while we are in your attic so you can see what we see without having to risk your safety
  11. We will them summarize our findings in a report for you. Sometimes attics have problems and sometimes they are in great shape – you won’t know until yours has been properly inspected – so connect with us and lets uncover the secrets hiding up in the darkness of your attic.
  12. If your insulation can or should be improved – Energy Rebates are available now and we would love to share how you can save!
  13. We also provide the same service for your crawlspace – no-charge again!
  14. Once your no-charge attic or crawlspace inspection is complete, if any work needs to be completed to resolve problems or increase efficiency, we will provide you with a quote to complete all the work.

Learn for yourself what’s in your attic by connecting with Top Trade Insulation and Attic for your no-charge Attic or Crawlspace Inspection.

We will connect with you quickly to schedule a convenient time for your inspection. Our team looks forward to the opportunity to provide you some peace-of-mind knowing nothing is hiding up in your attic.

Top Trade Insulation and Attic provides regular service to:

  • Greater Victoria: Oak Bay, Esquimalt, View Royal, Highlands, Saanich, Central Saanich, North Saanich, Sidney, Langford,
    Colwood, Metchosin, Sooke
  • Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, Cowichan Bay
  • Duncan, Lake Cowichan and Chemainus
  • Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Parksville, Qualicum Beach. Lantzville, Nanoose Bay and Port Alberni
  • Courtenay/Comox
  • Campbell River and North

If your Vancouver Island town isn’t listed here, it may just mean we aren’t there on a regular basis, but please connect with us to see when we can schedule your no-charge attic inspection.