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Attic Mold Problems and Ventilation Upgrades

Mold (or Mould) in the attic is a common problem in many homes and the cause is most often insufficient ventilation of the attic space. We see black mold staining regularly in homes on Vancouver Island and we can eliminate those mold stains easily, but we really need to address the cause of the mold. Most homes have passive attic ventilation which means that the ventilation occurs naturally based on the design of the soffits, chutes, and vents but many causes exist which cause mold to grow in the attic.

  • Blocked soffits – the outside air enters your attic through these soffits and can easily be blocked by insulation reducing the flow of air.
  • Not enough chutes/baffles/rafter vents – attic chutes allow the flow of air into the attic through the soffits without being blocked by the insulation. Depending on the R value and type of insulation, you may need more chutes to provide proper air flow.
  • Not enough vents to adequately allow the flow of air to exit the attic.
  • Increased moisture in the attic from improperly installed or poorly taped vents from bathrooms, kitchen fans or heating systems.
  • Increased heat/moisture escaping from the house into the attic from poorly sealed attic hatches.
  • Increased heat/moisture escaping from the house into the attic due to low levels of insulation.

Most people would naturally assume that attic mold grows in the Summer when the heat and humidity is higher but it is more likely to grow in the Fall and Winter on Vancouver Island. We heat our homes and the heat escapes into the attic where it is cold resulting in rapid mold growth. Sometimes an active ventilation system is a better solution to ensure maximum ventilation so your attic doesn’t see mold growth in the future.

Safety is a top concern when heading up into the attic, with very careful steps as you proceed throughout the entire attic searching for problems and causes. It’s best to call Top Trade Insulation and Attic and have us inspect your attic for you – besides, it is a free inspection and we are very thorough. Safety comes first for us but we need to thoroughly proceed through your attic to inspect for problem areas hiding in the dark. We take pictures while we are there so you can see how things look while you remain safely inside your home! Once the no-charge attic inspection is complete, we will provide you our report along with any recommendations to remove mold staining and eliminate the problem that allowed the mold to occur. Both Provincially and Nationally, we are seeing a push to improve our home efficiencies in efforts to reduce energy. Rebates are available now to help reduce costs for improving efficiencies which results in you saving money now, and in the future

Call Top Trade Insulation and Attic from anywhere on Vancouver Island to schedule your no-charge attic inspection and find out how you can reduce energy costs.