Attic Insulation Sale on Now!

Attic insulation is on SALE now! Well, sort of…

Rebate Programs really mean that the price you pay in the end is less – and therefore we are calling this a sale! A big sale! As part of the Home Renovation Rebate and CleanBC Better Homes Program, you can receive up to $900 in rebates for upgrading attic insulation in your home. Easily! Insulation can help maintain more even temperatures throughout your home, reduce unwanted outdoor noise, and reduce heat loss during the cold winter months.

Let’s look at the rebate quickly. let’s say you have an attic of 2300 sqft and you increase insulation to that space from R-factor R20 to R40. Using the CleanBC Better Homes Rebate Program calculation you multiply $0.02 x R-value x square feet. Therefore $0.02 x 20 x 2300 = the maximum rebate under the program of $900.00 cash back to you! No hoops to jump through, no lawyers involved, it’s as easy as any rebate program could be!

CleanBC Better Homes program offers enhanced rebates to make energy-saving home upgrades more affordable with the goal being:

  • lowering your monthly energy costs
  • Improve your year-round comfort
  • Enjoy a healthier indoor air quality
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The professionals at Top Trade Insulation and Attic can help you take advantage of this SALE before it’s gone! Schedule your no-charge inspection – we’ll come inspect your attic and evaluate ways that your health, safety, insulation and ventilation may be able to be improved. You may qualify for any number of rebates to help reduce your costs and we can speak with you about how to get started. Many rebates are available and may apply to renovations you are considering but being able to get up to $900 back on attic insulation is a good sale to get in line for.

Why is your attic so important to energy savings? We all know why wearing a hat or toque is so important to staying warm. Most heat exits your body through your head and your house is the same. Heat rises, exiting your living space and entering the attic where it leaves your home forever. We improve your attic insulation to stop heating dollars from flying out of the roof of your home. We keep your heating dollars inside where they belong. Who’s keeping you warm? Top Trade Insulation and Attic!

Whether you are in Sidney, Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, Parksville, Port Alberni, Courtenay or Campbell River(and everything in between), connect with Top Trade Insulation and Attic to schedule your no-charge attic inspection.